Mr. V's Pizza

The Freshest Pizza in Chicago!

All pizzas are not created equal...
— Mr. V


Some pizzas come off assembly lines, others out of freezers. A lot of them come with more preservatives than you'd ever want to eat. But at Mr. V’s, we take a fresh approach to your pizza.


  • We mix our dough fresh every day.
  • We grate our cheese from fresh real provolone and mozzarella.
  • We create our sauce from scratch. (That means fancy whole tomatoes, basil, oregano and other fine herbs and spices)
  • We slice our veggies–firm green peppers, juicy onions, and fresh mushrooms that have never seen the inside of a can–on the spot.
  • Our sausage starts out as the best pork butts money can buy–hand cut, carefully trimmed and freshly ground–minus all those preservatives.


In other words, only the best, only the freshest of everything goes into our absolutely unique, mouth-wateringly delicious pizza. But don't just take our word for it. Why not prove it to yourself with a slice or two... or ten!

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